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U.S.A. National Forest Protection & Restoration Act (
HR 3420)

US FOREST SERVICE concerned over "Tree Kisser Populations above ground"
Coming soon,  below ground kissers and connections under attack by the US FOREST SERVICE and their lack of respect for above as well as below ground "fungi diversity".

Retired doc pens new "doc-novel"

Dedicates his works to the sick and their healers

   by Marcos Krausz, M.D.

Organic Gardening in South Eastern Pennsylvania (USA) - Tips

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John A. Keslick, Jr., Tree Biologist, Tree Biological Laboratory,
Allegheny Defense Project, Keslick and Son Modern Arboriculture,
West Chester, PA.

Professional seminars and training which I have enjoyed:

Allegheny Defense Project - VOTED #1 SITE IN THE YEAR 1999-2011
News Flash!  ADP, along with Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, Allegheny Defense Project, and the Sierra Club win lawsuit against US FOREST SERVICE.  See their site for details.

Call your local tree guru, John A. Keslick, Jr.

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John A. Keslick, Jr.
Consulting Tree Biologist
Education http://home.ccil.org/~treeman/educat.html

Watch out for so called tree experts that do not understand tree biology.  [Ask them to briefly describe how bark forms, or better yet, ask the to "please explain five, only five, major anatomical differences between a woody root and a woody stem"?]  ANATOMY (parts) MUST PRECEDE PHYSIOLOGY (highly ordered movement of those parts) - ALWAYS!  I hear time and time again, "oh, its ok, go ahead its my tree" - sounds like the Garden of Eden - will the property owner defend you on judgment day? 
Beware of false prophets - e.g., if we cut the wood out the ecosystem (forest) will increase in health. FALSE this does not happen.  One, only one ref.  TELL THEM TO SHOW YOU THEIR DATA - THE PAGE AND PARAGRAPH WHERE WHAT THEY CLAIM IT SAYS IS LOCATED.  Take it from someone who spent many hours looking for something that was not there. http://www.fs.fed.us/pnw/publications/pnw_gtr164/
Storms, fires, floods, earthquakes, tornados, volcanic eruptions, explosions and other
abiotic forces keep reminding humans that they are not the boss.
Abiotic & Biotic switch places.

USA - Congress mandates and charges tax payers to log National Forests, with no DATA that suggest a future improvement to health of ecosystem, just impoverishments into future resulting from the lost functionality, the wood would have carried out, if it was not removed. Solution: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h109-3420 

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