This is Steve Palmer's web page.

First the important stuff...

Now here's a disorganized mess of stuff, entered over time in stream of consciousness fashion. It's stuff I want to have access to from multiple locations or want to use as a future learning aid, or whatever.

I work for Verizon Data Services. Here is my resume in PDF format (Updated: September 15, 2014).
(produced using software from

Patents: 7,738,717; 7,978,924; 8,509,554
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My first web page was: The World of remlaPS.

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    Here are some web sites for political information:

    Washington will never fix Washington, so I support the Tenth Amendment Center. It's up to the people and the states. voter information page
    This is a good warehouse of political information.
    Real Clear Politics - Good reading and a handy site name.

    Here is the Republican Liberty Caucus. From their FAQ, the RLC supports:

  • Lower and fewer taxes
  • The right to privacy
  • The right to keep and bear arms
  • Balanced budgets through spending cuts
  • Educational choice
  • Freedom of speech
  • Protection of property rights
  • Market-based health care
  • Alternatives to the drug war
  • All-volunteer armed forces
  • Term Limits
  • Sound monetary policies
  • Deregulation
  • Phase-out of foreign aid
  • Ending federal welfare
  • Private options to Social Security
  • Free trade Privatization of government functions
    I agree with the RLC on most points.

    And here is a tax plan which I think is a good first step towards lower taxes and Constitutional government. Fairtax.Org

    American Sheep Dogs - AKA the Chester County Victory Movement.

    Academic Work

    Literature review on technical debt - September, 2013.
    Literature review on neurologically inspired computing - May, 2011.
    Presentation to PACISE, 2008: Radix Representations and Storage Utilization.
    Masters Thesis: Storage Efficiency for Radix Representation of Data with Fixed Length Encoding - May, 2006.

    You can e-mail: remlaps -at-