Krapf's Transit

We offer service throughout Chester County to your favorite places. Work out at the YMCA, go grocery shopping, stroll through Exton Mall, or just relax in Kerr Park in Dowingtown. Wherever you're going between West Chester and Coatesville, let us get you there.

**** Call 431-6015 for information or to request a schedule. ****

Krapf's Transit operates Chester County Paratransit. For more information on CCPS, click here.

Krapf's "A" route

Travelling between West Chester and Coatesville has never been easier. You can stop at Exton Mall, Downingtown, and Thorndale along the way. !The route starts Route 30 and Strode Ave. in Coatesville, follows it east to Exton, stopping at the Mall, then follows Route 100 south into West Chester. In West Chester, it follows High., Gay St., New St., and Market St. Connection to SEPTA is made at Exton Mall (Rt. 92) or on Market St. (Rts. 92, 104, 117,119).


Krapf's Transit Coatesville Link

Looking for an easy to get to the V.A. Hospital from downtown, or you'd like to get to work at Lukens without driving. Most places in Coatesville are within walking distance of this route, including SEPTA and Amtrak trains and Charlie's Thriftway. Leave the car at home, take the Link!

The Link operates Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM - 5:30 PM.

There are two schedules,; each operates every other hour.

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