General Religious Sources

Religion: The WWW Virtual Library
Facets of religion, well organized.
World Internet Directory - Religion
Lots of links, not so well organized.


Virtual Christianity
Bible Net Home Page
The Pope Page
Wittgenstein's Net - A Christian Think Tank

Libraries & Links:
BibleNet Library
A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet
Christian Resources on the Internet
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The Ecole Initiative
Cross Search - Links
Comparative Religion - Links

The Christian Theology Page
Computer-Assisted Theology on the Internet
Gateways to Internet Resources in Theolgy and Religious Studies
One-Stop Philosophy Shop

Holy Grail:
Current Theories of the Grail
Underground Streams
Allegories of the Grail
The Mystery of the Holy Grail
Grail history
The Labyrinth of the Grail
An interesting Grail theory
Perceval: the Story of the Grail
England, Arthurian Locations
Arthurian Home Page


Jewish Communication Network
Judaism and Jewish Resources

Eastern Religions

Tao Teh Ching Translations
Hinduism - Vedic Culture
Buddhism Resources on the Internet


CyberMuslim Information Collective

Native American Religion & Culture

Native American Index
Great look - great content.


World Mysticism
Mysticism in World Religions
Quotations from source documents of six major religions, indexed by subject.
Perennial Philosophy
Describing the Universality and consistency of the process of direct knowledge gained through the illuminating experience of a momentary union with the Mind of God.
Mysticism: Links, Quotes and Perspectives
An interesting page. Perspectives is four peoples points-of-view.
Lycos: Spirituality & Mysticism
Wide range of links.
Mystic-L Mailing List
Archives and information for academic mail list about mysticism.

Christian Mysticism
Catholic Encyclopedia
New Advent Catholic Supersite: Good definition and summary of the history mysticism.
Western Mysticism
Many links to classic texts of western mysticism.
Mysticism Resource Page: By Gene Thursby
One of the best mysticism pages, focused on Christian and Western mysticism.
House of Breathing
Very diverse, beautifully done, prayer, meditation, contemplation, celtic influences, more and more.
Who's Who in the History of Mysticisim
A history of Christian mysticism with bibliographic links.
Spiritual and Mystical Text
Classic Christian source documents.
Carmelite Mysticism Historical Sketches by Titus Brandsma
Friar Bandsman was executed by the Nazis iin infamous concentration camp at Dachau.
Thomas Merton Resource Page
"A monk is a friend of God, a man of God, one who lives in God and for God alone."
Is dedicated to the distribution of information aboutThomas Merton.
David A. Salomon's Home Page
Moderator mystic-l mailing list, doing PhD dissertation; Catholic mysticism in post-Reform England.
O'Donnell's home page
Great links, Augustine, late antiquity, classical and medieval studies.
The Method of Centering Prayer
A Christian method designed to facilitate the development of contemplative prayer.
The Rosicrucian Fellowship
An international and ancient organization of Christian mystics.
Cosmic Consciousness
Personal site, influenced by Bucke's cosmic consciousness concept. Interesting links.

Jewish Mysticism & Kabbalah
Kabbalah FAQ
A good introduction to Kabbalah.
The Gateway to Qabalah
Links to Kabbalistic organizations on the Web.
Colin's Kabbalah Links
Links to Kabbalah and related sites.
Colin's Hermetic Kabbalah Page
Quality modern Kabbalah material, mostly essays.
Spirituality, Mysticism and Chasidism
Brief descriptions of books available on Jewish Mysticism.
Essays on Qabalah
Links to essays available on the Internet.
Bnei-Baruch Kabbalah Home Page
Wisdom of the Kabbalah based on the Bnei-Baruch organization.
Aspects of Kabbalah in Ceremonial Magic
What the title says.

Eastern Mysticism
Eastern Mysticism
Many links to classic texts of eastern mysticism.
A Vedic interpretation of mysticism.
Healing in Mysticism
Brief outline of Yogic healing technique.
The Zennist - Dark Zen - The Teaching of Mystical Zen Buddishm
Describes Dark Zen as highest truth of Zen, transmitted by means of Mind's self-awakening.

Sufi Websites
Many links ot Sufi sites.
About Sufism
From the International Association of Sufism
Ibn al-'Arabi - the Sufi mystic
Sufism presented as pantheism and scientific pantheism.

New Thought Movement
New Thought Movement Homepage
New thought not new age thinking. An American metaphysical movement.
Unity on the Web
Part of the new thought movement.
Living the mystical life.

Psychology of Religion
Nielsen's Psychology of Religion Home Page
A goldmine of information and sources.
The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James
Important classic work. Links at bottom of page are excellent for psychology of religion.
Schizophrenia and Mysticism
A bibligraphic essay. An interesting perspective.

Philosophical Foundations of Mysticism
The Six Enneads by Plotinus
Influential work for much of western mysticism.
An Outline of the Philosophy of Plotinus Part A --- Part B
A good source for getting into the neoplatonic mystical philosophy of Plotinus.
Larson Books
Books about religious philosophy, mysticism and psychology.
Alexandria on the Web
Classic philosophy, cosmology, myth and culture.

Other Perspectives
Gnostic Society Virtual Library
Good source of ancient text, mostly gnostic but other traditions are included.
Alchemical Research Center
Main headings are; Alchemy, Mysticism, Sufi, Tantra and Cyber Guru.
Noosphere: An Emerging Web of Consciousness
Inspired by de Chardin's concept of the Noosphere. Hotlist of 359 sites & growing.
The Quantafile
Alternative perspectives, old & new.
MindWarp Noetics
Cutting-edge ways to expand your mind.
The Truth: The Universe is a Growing God
Online book, from Advanced Concepts Research.
General Theory of Religion Homepage
A scientific approach to mystical experience.
Noetic Gnosis: Cosmic Consciousness
Essay on the evolution of supra-consciousness. Discusses several of important books on mysticism.
Disciple of the Light
To assist us to live in the Light of the One Source of All Creation.
Enlightenment Online
The spiritual search in cyberspace.
Illuminations E-Zine
Interesting essays on mystical subjects.
The Manager as Mystic
Brief essay based on Herman Hesse's "Glass Bead Game."

Myth & Legend

Myths and Legends

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