Teddybot is an IRC bot designed to help you solve problems. Its name derives from an anecdote in The Practice of Programming, by Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike, in which a university forced students to explain their problem to a teddy bear before bothering support staff or instructors. This worked surprisingly often.

Teddybot isn't quite as stupid as a RL teddy bear. Much of the time when you talk to him (in a channel which he has joined or via privmsgs), he says nothing. Fairly often he gives a phatic reply such as "Uh-huh", "Go on", or "I see". More rarely, a reply such as "Are you sure?" "Really?" or "Oh?" will appear. On rare occasions, one of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies will appear, preceded by "Think about this:" or "Meditate on this:"

The longer you talk to teddybot (within a reasonable time period), the more likely a reply is (and the more likely the rarer replies become).

In a channel, teddybot will interpret any remark containing "teddybot:" or "teddybot," as addressed to him. This signal need not be at the beginning of the line; this encourages more natural speech.