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Re: American dialect of Brithenig

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Sally Caves wrote:

> Sally Caves wrote:
> > 
> > Yikes, and forgive me; I seem to have forgotten the most important
> > element
> > of the Brithenig empire, GULP!!  (head beating)... and that is that
> > there IS no Spanish, eh???  That the British and the Romance languages
> > have become absorbed in an important and influential empire early on?
> Wrong again... I'm rereading Padraic's Introduction to Kernu with its
> teeeeeensy tiny little writing.  But the question still remains: what

Oh, get some specs! ;)  

> is the status of the other Romance languages and cultures, and their
> influence in the colonization of America?  Is there a Spain?  Were 
> their Conquistadors?

They're all there, and as John says in a state of rosy good health.  I
suppose there must be conquistadores. I can't think of any way pre-15th
century British history could get rid of them. 

One possibility, brought up in one of the alt-history groups: Colombus
sails on and never returns; Spanish energies after the Reconquista have to
go somewhere, and these are turned south into Muslim Africa and to the
east.  Not likely, perhaps. :)


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