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Re: American dialect of Brithenig

Sally Caves wrote:
> > ...i.e., British.
> But that's what we were as well.  Mostly from the British Isles, with
> some German, Dutch, French colonies too.  If colonization of the
> Americas
> was happening *there* at roughly the same time as it did *here*, what's
> to
> keep the "British" as you've made them from making the same quarrelsome
> and territorial mistakes that the early settlers did?  The nature of the
> Brithenig Empire?  After all, this is a big, new territory.  Are the
> Brithenig *there* so much more sensitive about the Native Americans?
> And somehow successfully repellant of the conquistadorial Spaniards?

Yikes, and forgive me; I seem to have forgotten the most important
of the Brithenig empire, GULP!!  (head beating)... and that is that
there IS no Spanish, eh???  That the British and the Romance languages
have become absorbed in an important and influential empire early on?
Well, paint me inattentive and silly.  Okay, I need more information
about the credo of these people.  What was their early attitude towards
colonization? conquest? slavery?  Sorry to be such a johnny come lately.
But it would explain a lot of my early questions if you would clarify
the basic premises of the Brithenig Empire succinctly and without 
humiliating me too much! <G>

No French either? :-(  No vive la difference?

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