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Re: American dialect of Brithenig

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999, andrew wrote:

> > That would more or less be my guess, though probably nominally Mexican: No
> > Louisiana Purchase (no US to buy it, Colonies look East, not West). 

> Unless during the Napoleonic wars the colonial Governors order troops into
> French-speaking Louisiana to prevent Boney from causing trouble on their
> back doorstep.  Populationwise, at the time, the League could have easily
> swamped Louisiana without any trouble.  Holding it would be problematic,
> especially the Great Plains area.  

Right.  If they concentrate on taking and holding New Orleans, the
interior is cut off and more or less up for grabs.  Are you sure they
could have "swamped" Louisiana in the late 18th century?  I don't think
the US could have done that *here*.  Where are they all comming from?
There are no highland clearances (what with an independant Scotland) and
the Let-It-Be attitude towards Ireland doesn't seem to cause enough
agitation there to trigger a mass exodous.  Or did they clear the Slums of
London and Caerleon? :)

> Sure as anything, the bombscare we saw
> happening in Philadelphia last night on the news was caused by the Cajun
> Republican Army... 

I chalk it up to all the Spicey Gumbo.


> - andrew.
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