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Re: CHAT: The centre of the temporal universe, was Translation relay

Andrew Smith scripsit:

> Okay, what's a Jacquerie?

A peasant revolt.  There wer lots during the Middle Ages, all crushed.
This is the one that succeeded, because of help from the nascent

> We still have a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, then?  My Polish descended
> flatmate will be pleased to hear that.  How big is it?

Don't know yet.  Tell him I've been reading *Fire and Sword*
by Sienkiewicz (author of *Quo Vadis*), a classic Polish
historical novel about the Commonwealth (in English trans, I hasten
to add).

> On American Visions, one American senetor described the Capitol as the
> third biggest domed building in the world, only Saint Peter's of Rome, and
> Saint Paul's of London is bigger.  At that moment one of the other people
> watching the programme exclaimed, "So it must be Saint Mary's, then!"

When will they ever learn?

Luckily I just went to a 2-day folk music festival!

> If you get that then you must be old (which means I'll have to type
> slower), or know something about popular music.

Well, guilty on both counts (I'm 41 in a few weeks).

John Cowan					cowan@ccil.org
		e'osai ko sarji la lojban.