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Re: [conculture] CHAT: The centre of the temporal universe, was Translation relay

From: Padraic Brown <pbrown@polaris.umuc.edu>

On Sat, 19 Jun 1999, Andrew Smith wrote:

> On American Visions, one American senetor described the Capitol as the
> third biggest domed building in the world, only Saint Peter's of Rome, and
> Saint Paul's of London is bigger.  At that moment one of the other people
> watching the programme exclaimed, "So it must be Saint Mary's, then!"

D'oh!  I get it now!  It only took about 10 minutes to figure out ...

> If you get that then you must be old (which means I'll have to type
> slower), or know something about popular music.

Well - I'm young enough and don't know diddley about popular music. :)

Hm.  Does this mean St. Mary's is no longer the biggest domed building in
the NAL?  Was that some kind of cruel joke as well?


> - andrew.

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