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Re: Translation Relay Update

On Tue, 8 Jun 1999, Padraic Brown wrote:

> > What are the names of some conlang clothes?
> >
> Well, fashionable gentlemen in town wear a "trays" or suit: a kind of
> short "tunecca" (shirt) shoved into "brech" (trews) with a "pals" (cloak)
> or "palsarmus" (cloak with arms).
In the north, in Kemr byr, a suit is called yn sut with "yn ghefes",
shirt, tucked into "lla frag", trousers.  Over this is worn "yn goth", a
coat, or "yn dyneg", a cloak, although a cloak would be considered old
fashioned unless one was attending "sessiwn llo ddrewy."

The wearing of the toga is unknown as far as I can tell, except among
classical history re-enactors.  Brithenig has several other, everyday
words for items of clothing that I have discovered:

ill brath, apron
lla gorreg, belt
lla hosan, stocking

Clothing has not been consistantly investigated, for either gender.  One
word that is intriguing me is "ill curan" which, according to my lexicon,
covers a wide range of footwear: brogue, sandal, sock; but not shoe or
boot, which I do not know at this stage.

- andrew.

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