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Re: CHAT: con-this'n'that

On Fri, 14 May 1999, Andrew Smith wrote:

> The Kemrese flag, Ill Dragun Rhys, is similar to the Welsh flag *here*.
> The panels of the dragon's wing is multi-coloured (I'm doing this from
> memory), and the dragon is etched with a gold halo where it touches the
> green field.

The flag can be seen at <http://polaris.umuc.edu/~pbrown/kemr3.gif>

> Padraic, a thought has just struck me from behind.  What would that flag
> look like if the dragon was crowned?  Possibly like the eagle on some
> European flags.

To be blunt: I personally feel she would look about as dippy as the
crowned lion on old(er)  English/Scottish shillings (1930s somewhen).
Dragon has a bit of a flat head, and the crown would fall off. And anyway,
_everyone_ knows dragons sleep on gold, not wear it on their heads! ;) If
you really must, I can coronify Dragon for you.

At least you didn't ask for a two headed dragon!


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