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Re: CELT-CHAT: Waving the flag

On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, Raymond A. Brown wrote:

> It's true Henry Tudor adopted the red dragon on the green & white field
> when he landed at Milford Haven in his successful bid to overthrow Richard
> III.  But my understanding is that the standard is older & Henry adopted it
> to get the Welsh to follow him.  The green represents the earth, grass etc.
> & the white is the sky.
> Adopting the black cross of the Bishop of St.David's would, I feel, not be
> a good idea as it raises one diocese above the others.  In medieval Wales,
> the principality was divided into four dioceses: StDavid's (or Menevia),
> Llandaff, StAsaphs & Bangor.
> I'm still attached to y Ddraig Goch.
At this stage I think I will have to gracefully accept defeat and conclude
the only difference between y Ddraig Goch and ill Dragun Rhys is the
language in which it is named.  Or at least for now it will go back on the
backburner, it's a very quixotic subject.

- andrew.

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