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[conculture] Re: New data point for Brithenig time line

From: Andrew Smith <hobbit@mail.earthlight.co.nz>

On Fri, 12 Mar 1999, John Cowan wrote:

> Humph.  I think he existed, and went to London --- but he was probably
> bilingual, like most borderers.
In which case he might have been more interesting - the greatest English
playwright coming from the fringe of English culture, not its heart.  The
reason I suggest that he might have been a soldier *there* is that it is
speculated he served in the Low Countries *here*, but it cannot be proven,
no record survives.  Nothing would contridict such a person writing
Shakespeare's plays, but he might have also participated in the religious
conflicts that marred the British Counter-Reformation *there*.  (Malvolio
as heretic...)
> AFAIK only _Henry VIII_ disappears from the canon, and it's a marginal
> play anyway --- Shakespeare probably wrote only part of it, or
> perhaps heavily revised someone else's play.  There
> is no reason why his company shouldn't have acquired James II/VI
> (James I *here*) as its patron after his coronation.
Macbeth II - the Revenge of the Witches!  There is the possibility that
the Wars in France under the Plantagenets may have taken a different
course.  The conflicts at Agincourt, Crecy, or Poitiers may have turned
out differently if without Welsh contingents alongside English.  (It's a
possibility I'm wanting to test, but I haven't looked into the details

- andrew.

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