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Re: Denarii (was: Celtic months)

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, John Cowan wrote:

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> Subject: Denarii (was: Celtic months)
> Padraic Brown wrote:
> > ["Denarius"] a very widespread monetary name, from Peru in the west
> > to Afghanistan in the east, used in one form or other by nearly 20
> > countries.
> I don't have access to a list of non-principal money names, but
> among principal monetary units analogous to "dollar" or "pound", 
> I find only the Algerian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Kuwaiti, Libyan, Tunisian,
> and Yemeni dinars and the Macedonian denar.  Peru's unit is the
> sol, Afghanistan's the afghani.

Now yes, though I ought to have added a clarifiying clause indicating that
time isn't exactly an issue (the source I have at hand goes back about 200

Those that now use or have used the denarium:
Denar: Hungary, Macedonia 
Denaro: various cantons of Switzerland, states of Italy 
Denier: Guadaloupe, Haiti, Monaco, var. Switz., France
Dinar: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Hejaz, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait,
Libya, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia, U.A.E., Yemen, Yugoslavia 
Diner: Andorra
Dinero: Baleares, Peru

Of these, the French, Swiss and Italian currencies used denari within the
LSD scheme; the others (Africa, etc.) are borrowed through some mechanism
or other.

Sorry for the confusion.


> Source: ISO 4217:1981 with amendments at
> http://www.indigo.ie/egt/standards/iso4217-en.html
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