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disjunctive pronouns (was: nu alltr e gw alltr?)

At 10:02 pm +1300 15/11/98, Andrew Smith wrote:
>On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Raymond A. Brown wrote:
>> Yes - but the French may also use them for emphasize. My grandson only 4
>> greated me when he'd crept into our bed soon after six one morning with: Je
>> t'aime toi.
>Eo dy af tui, or possibly, eo dydui af.

Eo dy af tui - is more in keeping with Romancelangs, I think, cf. Romanian:

te-iubesc pe tine.  ('pe' is apreposition marking the direct object with
nouns & disjunctive pronouns, while the proclitic te- is the conjunctive

>I find the French very disarming
>for its emotional content.  Maybe one day Brithenig can feel the same.

Surely  :)