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Re: nu alltr e gw alltr?

On Thu, 12 Nov 1998, John Cowan wrote:

> I would favor nu halltr, but not gw halltr, as the latter doesn't
> *mean* anything; there is a difference between "we" (including you)
> and "we others" (excluding you), but there is no parallel distinction
> in the 2nd person to be made.

Well, this point was bandied about by a couple of the correspondants to on
sci.lang.  I don't recall now if that was in the piece I originally sent
out or not.  The 2nd person distinction would be along the lines of "you,
a subset of some whole, whom I'm now addressing and no one else" vs. 
"you, a particular body, including those whom I'm now addressing and the

In any event, all three languages ended up with the form: Sp. vosotros;
Cat. vosaltres; Fr. vous autres.  Granted that none of these form the
distinction you're talking about.  Gw halltr then could mean something.