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Re: North American affairs

On Fri, 21 Aug 1998, Andrew Smith wrote:

> >I have figured out the names and affiliations of the colonies in
> >North America as of the end of the Seven Years' War:
> >
> My history is not good enough to know the details of this war.

Until Iewan replied and enlightened us all, I thought it was just another
extension of the requisite European War that had been going on in one form
or another for hundreds of years!

> >
> An interesting collection of names for the New Englander and Southern
> colonies.  For the British royal succession I had been using the Stuart
> dynasty, including the pretenders after the Glorious Revolution.  With this
> in mind I would query where Virginia came from.  Hendrica could be named
> after Henry VII (*here* the pretender Henry IX, the Cardinal King).  I
> guess there are enough Maries in British history for Ter Mair (why the
> article before a proper noun?).  I like the idea of plaatdeutsch surviving
> in Pennsylvania, and I think good King Charles II would be jolly enough to
> permit a Protestant Quaker Colony *there* as well.

Ter lla Mair?  He's obviously a Kernowman deep down. ;-)  It takes a lot
of practise to unlearn the Kernu structure (Ter la Merea) and replace it
with Brithenig (Ter Mair). 

I think they just call it Deutsch.  Of course, every other Merkin calls it
"Pennsylvania Dutch".