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Re: Modern History and the Brzhona, etc.

On Fri, 26 Jun 1998, Frank George Valoczy wrote:

> On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, Padraic Brown wrote:

> > Right.  There _was_ and economic alliance of sorts in the 19th cen.,
> > perhaps that could in some way be built upon.
> Can you refresh my memory here?

The evidence that I have personally is numismatic in nature.  At some
point in the 19th century, the coins (and presumably their exchange
values) from France (and certain dependencies), Italy, the Papal States,
Romania, Greece, and (possibly Belgium) were _standardised_ with respect
to one another regarding their weight, fineness (% metal content) and
physical dimensions.  The only differentiating factors were the designs
impressed upon the metal.  It reminds me much of the comming Euro -- a
"cookie-cutter" currency for several countries that is highly
standardised.  Except that the Euro will infect many more countries.  I
can only speculate that such a convergence _must_ have been a
collaborative effort (i.e., some class of treaty).

(As an aside, about the only only countries that will have crappier
designs (than the proposed Euroes I have seen) are the USA and the
Netherlands. The Mint of the one has been affected by a nearly century
long run of static coin designs and addled by PC inspired non-art for the
commemoratives; the Mint of the other is obcessed by sterile linear and
box like butt-ugly stuff.  That's why I collect Western European
(nonDutch) and South American coins, even though modern issues (like the
new L2.00 coin from the UK)  will trickle over the Pond ever so slowly. 

> > 
> Well then, the ancient history of the Brzhona has been struck by more
> light.

Of course, you'll have to fill in details as time marches onwards.

> -------ferke
> Ferenc Gy. Valoczy