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Re: Modern History

At 16:37 25/6/98, John Cowan wrote:
>Padraic Brown wrote:
>> Well duh!  Perhaps you could tell me what our War with Japan had to do
>> with our War with Germany (aside from the fact that J&G were allies, these
>> were essentially two different wars -- different leaders, different
>> objectives, different V-days, etc.).
>Well, in this case, my enemy's friend is my enemy.  War with Japan
>naturally entailed war with Germany (and Italy, and ...)
>Everyone involved, most especially Japan, knew that.


....which is why America & Britain were allied with the Soviet Union (which
had problems with both Mr Hitler & his Japanese allies, I seem to recall).

And I wasn't very old at the time, but I do remember _both_ the first VE
day _and_ the first VJ day as a little Brit living, at that time, in Dorset
(my native Sussex had not been too healthy a place: the odd V1s on their
way towards London had an uncomfortable habit of giving up on their way
over the county).  I still remember seeing in the earlier part of '45
captured Nazi flags displayed in shop windows & later in the year captured
Jap flags similarly displayed.