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Re: Modern History and the Brzhona, etc.

On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, Raymond A. Brown wrote:

> At 10:27 24/6/98, Padraic Brown wrote:
> [......]
> >
> >WWII is essentially caused by Mr Hitler's mucking about in Poland,
> >Czeckoslovakia, Rhineland, Saarland, etc. and otherwise making a big
> >nuisance of Germany. The USA was dragged into it (not completely
> >unwillingly, as the country had the Depression to get out of) through
> >unremembered mechanisms
> Er - I thought it was something to do with a little incident at Pearl
> Harbor when some of Mr Hitler's allies got a bit uppity.  Or have I been
> misinformed for the past 50 years?

Well duh!  Perhaps you could tell me what our War with Japan had to do
with our War with Germany (aside from the fact that J&G were allies, these
were essentially two different wars -- different leaders, different
objectives, different V-days, etc.). What I'm not remembering is how and
why the USA got entangled in the _European_ end of things.  You'll notice
I had not mentioned the Pacific end of things at all.  It's _Europe_ we're
dealing with here, not Asia.

It's all moot anyway, if there be no USA *there*; and that's the whole
reason for the discussion anyway!  If we're trying to figure out the
history of modern *there*, we've got to figure out what must be different
between the two.

Back to you!

> Ray.