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Re: Celtic Stories (something to talk about)

Eating something that gives you visions?  I have some past experience in
that :-).
But thanks for this, it gives me some ideas...


On Sun, 21 Jun 1998, Sally Caves wrote:

> Celtic stories usually have a whole lot of Celtic characters in them.  If
> they are Celtic Arthurian, they feature a lot of the Arthurian characters.
> If they are native, they feature the deeds of the euhemerized gods.
> If they are invented Celtic, like Padaic's Kernu, then they have King
> Mark and Guimier in them.  They come in all sizes, shapes, and styles.
> Favorite motifs:  the switch in identity between Kings.  The Calumniated
> Wife.  Animals turning into humans and vice-versa.  Searches for
> impossible things and lists of deeds to do that the hero declares "not
> difficult."  Descriptions of battles, especially prodigious feats of
> superhuman prowess, such as slaughtering five hundred men with the right
> hand, and six hundred with the left.  Strong women goddesses, like Medb
> and the Morrigan.  Gessa, the plural of geis, a prohibition put on a hero
> for something as seemingly arbitrary as walking widdershins around a
> fortress.  Eating something that gives one vision: usually special
> salmons, or things cooked in a cauldron by a witch.  Poetic utterances,
> usually only three lines long, that encapsulate portions of the narrative.
> In Welsh they're called _englynion_.  I forget what they're called in
> Irish.  In Kernu, you can make up your own term.  They are usually
> intensely ornate (featuring a lot of internal and final rhyme,
> alliteration, and consonance).  
> That's just for starters.
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