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Re: Something to talk about.

Syrs Sab, 20 Yn 1998, Iewan Llewan yscrifef:

> Padrig Bryn yscrifef:
> > Which Gereint, Constantine, etc.??  Those little letters that come after
> > their names can be helpful in figuring out who's who.  For example, I
> > somehow doubt that the Gereint you mention is the same as the Current
> > Monarch.
> Obviously not.  If I knew the numbers, I'd use 'em.
Constantine (or Costentin) IX.  The numbers are almost completely
arbitrary.  I went through a book of dynasties and made average reigns of
British monarchs and related dynasties to create the reigns of the
Cambrian kings.  There are about 72 rulers between 500 to 1998, so the
numbering is rather low and leaves lots of room for other names to be
tossed in ad hoc.

Constantine IX died in 1810 so Gereint IX and Mary II would have been
concurrent rulers after this date.

- andrew.

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