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Re: Something to talk about.

On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, Padraic Brown wrote:

> Well, Conlang is busy but Celticonlang and the Sessiwn seem dead to the
> world (so what happened to the flags, Andrew?); so here's something to
> think and talk about that will affect any Celtic conlang -- stories and
> story telling. 
Oops!  Padraic was kind enough to make up .gifs of the Kemrese flag.  If I
have mastered Attchmnts I should have attchd my personal favourite: the
Dragun Rhys with bold gold trimming.  There are others if people are
> I've gotten one Kernu story worked up good enough to the point that it may
> be discussed without causing any embarassment to me; and it seems like a
> good item for discussion.
I know I have enough lexicon to translate one of the encounters with the
Fair Family as recorded in the Field Guide to the Little People by Nancy
Arrowsmith.  I was just about to have a go at reconstructing it but it has
occured to me that a fantasy short story that I wrote for a NZ NASFCon
would translate very well into Comroig sentiment.  So maybe I'll start
translating it and feed it to the assemble multitudes.
Kemrese Althistorical Note: It has occured to me that with the creation of
the Federated Kingdoms in 1805 and the death of King Henry of England and
Scotland in 1807 that the current king of Cambria succeded the Stuart
dynasty as the King of the Federated Kingdoms of England, Scotland and
Cambria.  It was a rare occasion in British history as the Princess
Charlotte technically became Queen of England and Scotland and sat beside
her husband King Constantine of Cambria, the only period in Kemrese
history when the court in Castreleon was presided over by a Queen Regnant!

- andrew.

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