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Re: Something to talk about.

At 17:57 17/6/98, Andrew Smith wrote:
>On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, Padraic Brown wrote:
>> Well, Conlang is busy but Celticonlang and the Sessiwn seem dead to the
>> world (so what happened to the flags, Andrew?); so here's something to
>> think and talk about that will affect any Celtic conlang -- stories and
>> story telling.
>Oops!  Padraic was kind enough to make up .gifs of the Kemrese flag.  If I
>have mastered Attchmnts I should have attchd my personal favourite: the
>Dragun Rhys with bold gold trimming.

I like it.  The dragon is magnificent.  The colorful wings are great & the
gold fimbriation really sets it off well.