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Something to talk about.

Hello all,

Well, Conlang is busy but Celticonlang and the Sessiwn seem dead to the
world (so what happened to the flags, Andrew?); so here's something to
think and talk about that will affect any Celtic conlang -- stories and
story telling. 

I've gotten one Kernu story worked up good enough to the point that it may
be discussed without causing any embarassment to me; and it seems like a
good item for discussion.

Stories are an integral part of Celtic life, and it only seems natural
that this should transfer to the constructed lives of the people *there*
[in the Constructed Universe, for lack of a better term].  What follows
then, in the next mail, is the almost compleat "Adventure of Guimier" and
the English version also.  Dear Sally has given me pause to rethink the
overall plot of the story; and I think not without good reason.  Here
follows some of what she has said: 

*>> Padraic, kind sir, cease and desist now!  You've produced two horrific
*>> tales of women's infidelity.  Surely there is more to the admirable
*>> qualities of Guimier than her marital fidelity, proved twice now at
*>> the cost of many other women?  Let's do something more with her.
*>> Shall I
*> I'm sure there's more to her -- now that you mention it, there could be
*> three trials on separate issues (rather than three trials on marital
*> fidelity).
*If you are going to do a third trial on marital fidelity, make this last
*one a trial of men's betrayals of their women.  We've had two stories,
*now, where the women of the court are humiliated, their clothes stripped
*off, etc, etc.  That's what I meant about cease and desist.  I'd like to
*see some equity! ;-)
*> As the original stood, it was supposed to hammer into the
*> Knights' thick armour plated heads that the supposed great ladies of
*> the court were not all they appeared to be -- the outsider was the real
*> winner.  A sort of 'underdog wins all' story.  Give us a hint; what
*> might make for some other interesting trials?  I will try to think of
*> some.
*I already gave you a hint some days ago!  A really interesting side story
*would be the jealous retribution of the scorned women, as they take it
*out on Guimier.  This would engage the famous motif of the "Calmuniated
*Wife," which you have in the story of Branwen of the _Mabinogion_.  They
*could set her up, they could imprison her and leave her rent cape in the
*bed of a wanton youth; they could employ the magic arts of one of their
*witches, they could reduce her in size and hide her in an acorn.
*Guimier's wits would have to be engaged as she seeks the help of her
*forest friends, perhaps that boar could come to her aid.  Guimier needs
*to be admired for more than keeping her legs crossed, if you know what I
*mean.  Give her some backbone!  Pit intelligence and innocence against
*cunning and malice!  Show us a real gal fight!
*As for a third trial, if it has to be about marital fidelity, then make
*it a trial of the men for a change.  Just how faithful are they to their
*wives?  8-*
*I guess I suggested you air it to the group because that way I could get
*some credit for my input, and I would feel like more of a participant.
*At the moment I feel like I'm looking over the shoulders at a private
*men's club, where everyone has their in-jokes.  Not that that isn't
*fascinating, but... what would happen if we added to our discussion of
*soft mutation some shared storytelling?  Or a critique session?  Oh, just
*a thought. I don't really mean to torture you.  Continue as you are,
*because your short stories are unique, very creative, and the added fact
*that you are writing them in your invented language is absolutely
*admirable.  I couldn't do anything quite so fast in Teonaht as you are
*doing here.  Where do you have your immense lexicon written down,
*Padraic? And I don't mind at all being your confidente in this.  I'm
*honored, actually.  So I will keep it secret.

I do like the idea of the Calumniated Wife bit and all that; but the
original intention of the story was no more than a (rather) short episode
from a much longer cycle.  The idea of turning the tables on the lads at
Court, and putting them through an embarassing test is rather appealing;
and I think does not in any way preclude continuing the story after the
tests in the way Sally has suggested.

Discussion and suggestions are quite welcome, though not demanded. ;-)

In the interests of not sending really long messages, the story is sent as
a separate message for easy viewing.