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Re: Names of Languages

On Sat, 30 May 1998, Quetz wrote:

> With all the talk of naming NGL and what other natlangs mean, I figure I
> might as well post the origin of my conlang's name, Yafila.  I'm not
> sure right now whether it serves as the name of the people as well as
> the language or not.  It comes from Yafil.
> Yet
> Another
> F---ing
> International
> Language
> Which I abandoned way early on, but the name stuck.  :)  Anyone else?

All the dialects discovered in and around Kemr seem to have names
something similar to 'Brithenig'.  So far there's Brithenig, the Standard
Dialect; Breathanach, a Goidelic counterpart; Brzhoneg, which we haven't
heard much of recently; and Breotu, both the last two are inhabitants of
Brittany.  Kernu is the odd man out, regarding names, but has the
synonymous words Breta and Bretanecca which are used either for Brithenig
as a speech continuum or for Brithenig as a particular dialect.  The
derivation is likely from Latin: Britanica (lingua).

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