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Re: Rromei-Geldyghei lyngvei (Roman-Celtic langs)

On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, Sam Bryant wrote:

> Well, my first year latin book (Allyn and Bacon 1987) says "With names of
> cities, towns, small islands, *domus*, and *rus*, the proposition is not used
> in expressions of place. These words express place where by a case called the
> locative." It then goes on to describe how you don't need prepositions to

Hm, I'll bow to almost anyone regarding knowledge of Latin, since most of
my knowledge is from a single concise grammar which I borrowed from the
library 10 years ago :-)

I was under the impression that, with the exception of a few archaic
forms, the locative as you describe it is equal to the ablative.  If not,
how is it formed?


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