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Re: Rromei-Geldyghei lyngvei (Roman-Celtic langs)

Quoth Frank George Valoczy:
> I haven't decided what to do with adjectives yet; Both Breton and Latin
> adjectives agree with the noun; but I'm bored with that from Vranian and
> Neo-Dalmatian; undeclining adjectives like Finnish and Hungarian are
> intrinsically boring too.  Suggestions?

Depends on how wacky you want to get. :)  You could have just some
adjectives agree with nouns, or have all agree but only in certain
situations (certain cases?) or with certain nouns.  Of course, that
might be hard to justify in terms of a Celtic lang.  Then again, French
adjectives agree in number and gender, but (at least in spoken form)
this can appear to be not showing agreement in certain conditions... you
might try something interesting with Celt-esque mutations.

> Numbers:  I kept the Breton numbers, with a vigesimal system like French,
> so I guess that'll make it base-20; 18 is "three sixes".

Three sixes?  Where is that from?

> Breton has "inflecting prepositions".  Do Brithenig and Kemru?  I'm still
> figuring those out, whether to include it or not; I'm leaning towards the
> 'not'.

Is this like Italian?  (In Italian, it's more a matter of certain
prepositions fused with the article following them, and changed in
certain ways.)  I thought that was pretty neat... might be a bit
excessive with a different form for each case, though.

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