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Re: Rromei-Geldyghei lyngvei (Roman-Celtic langs)

> Welcome from one of the other RomanoCeltic conlangers here!  Andrew
> Smith's Britheig and (my) Kernu, a Brithenig dialect, have consonant
> mutation of various sorts.  We haven't yet entirely worked out where the
> Brithenig stress should fall, but word final seems a likely contender.
> Your language looks pretty neat!  Tell us Celticonlangers more about it!
> Perhaps we could share ideas, experiences and the like.

Thanks!  Re consonant mutation, my main thing is that I want to make it
different from Breton, but I want to keep it Celtic.
I kept the Breton stress pattern (next from last syllable) in Brzhonegh,
partly because it's simpler than random stress (as in my Slavic lang,

Cases are the six Latin (nom, acc, gen, dat, abl, loc).
Tenses, moods and aspects I haven't worked very much on, but I'm tending
to Latin with some Breton forms.
Personal pronouns I'm keeping from Breton, with forms for nom, acc,
dat/abl and gen/loc.

I haven't decided what to do with adjectives yet; Both Breton and Latin
adjectives agree with the noun; but I'm bored with that from Vranian and
Neo-Dalmatian; undeclining adjectives like Finnish and Hungarian are
intrinsically boring too.  Suggestions?

Numbers:  I kept the Breton numbers, with a vigesimal system like French,
so I guess that'll make it base-20; 18 is "three sixes".

Breton has "inflecting prepositions".  Do Brithenig and Kemru?  I'm still
figuring those out, whether to include it or not; I'm leaning towards the

Last for now:  Any idiomatic dictionaries for Celtic langs that could be
of use?

Salwt, Ferrens

> Benwenid, Verenc, di lla principtad di Gemr! /
> Benweneth, a Fherench, dela prenciptat le Komrow (e la prowencea le
> Kernow)!

Diplomatic Relations between Gemr, Komrow and Brzhona? =)

Ferenc Gy. Valoczy

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