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Re: Request for everyone

Sally Caves writes:

>Nik Taylor wrote:
>> I'm putting together a Conlang phrasebook, with translations of
>> phrases in various Conlangs, and I'd like to know how you'd
>> the following:

In Kernu:

>> Do you speak English?

parls ty le zawznoech? [formal]
(speaks thou the English?)
dos ay il cant zawzu? [colloquial]
(to thee is there the English tongue?)

>> Do you speak [insert your conlang]

parls ty la ngernu? [formal]
(speaks thou Kernu?)
dos ay il cant kernu? [colloquial]
(to thee is there the Kerno tongue?)

>> I don't speak [insert your conlang]

eo ne parlam mech la ngernu.
(I don't speak at all the Kerno.)
don-nay rhen il cant kernu.
(to me there is not any bit (of) the Kerno tongue.)

>> I am from [insert your country]

amme dil Pays Kemru.
(Me, I'm from Cambria.)

>> Where is the bathroom?

in ce que parts ys at, il pissoers? [assuming a public loo]
(in what place it is, the public loo?)

>> Where is a good restaurant?

in ce que parts ys at, yn ndawerns mboun?
(in what place it is, a restaurant good?)

>> Do you understand?

ty mi comprwnis, si?
(thou me understands, yes?)

>> I don't understand.

no, eo ne thy comprenu mech.
(no, I don't understand thee one iota.)

>> I will put it up on
>> http://members.tripod.com/~Nik_Taylor/Conlang/Phrases.html
>Great idea, Nik!  Would you be up to expanding your list a bit (to
>vocab and grammar?)

Not a bad idea, all in all.  That way interested or curious people could
put together their own sentences, based on the given patterns.

>I want to see some countryside.

il wether le mbays ys dom mblecherew.
(to see the country it me would please.)

>How do I get there from here?

komo eo alla deci moniso?
(how I thither from here shall go?)

>Where could I get some good [insert representative conlang food]

in cel que parts eo lo lochrab-el, cel alch nges ndostu?
(in what place I it shall get it, some o' that there caws pobi?)

>I want my [insert familial noun: parent/slave/consort] to buy me that
>[insert contraption of choice].

il comprar-el cel cest kyempoer-y-car de la mewa gwena, cel ort,
dom-blecherew ce.
(the buying of that there thing-a-ma-jig by my wife, the slegehammer
there, that would please me.)

>Is this or isn't this a dark planet, Sir?


>Nik, I think you and I are the only one's up this late.  Insomnia?
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