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Re: Conaccents

in jowes il 26 le hOgrons 1.998 il Andrews Gowanes (Andrew Smith) yscreus:

> With a fake Italian accent as you mentioned the other day!  Brithenig
> seems to be a East Romance language on the Western rim of Europe which
> suggests that Romanian and Brithenig are fringe languages, and Spanish,
> Portuguese, French and possibly Italian are central languages.  Brithenig
> and Kerno look very distinct to me.  If a language is a dialect with an
> army then I think Brithenig and Kerno are two 'dialects' that happen to
> serve in the same army.  This might help to explain why Brithenig
> distinguishes between Comro (first-language Brithenig speaker) and Kemrese
> (Cambrian national).  This distinction was established within Brithenig
> before I came aware of the Kernu co-existing in Kemr.

Is this a distinction between Brithenig (Standard) and Provincial; or
between Brithenig (any dialect) and nonbrithenig (English, for example)?
If the latter, then the kernu have a similar distinction: Comru vs.
Kemrans.  If the former, then we can throw in "cherma", meaning a person
from Kernow who speaks the dialect; in apposition to Comru.

> - andrew.
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