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General RFI

Hello again everyone! Some questions to help me with Breathanach...

1. Is there somewhere a Great Master Page about Brithenig which provides
information about the language (such as sound-changes) and its
althistory which "The Page of Brithenig" doesn't? If there is one, I
look forward to reading it.

2. How much of the evolution of Brithenig would (or should?) also affect
Breathanach? (e.g.: I haven't come up with decent 3rd-person pronouns
yet; would they just be borrowed from Brithenig?)

3. (technical question) In Brithenig, when exactly do medial consonants
undergo lenition? There are at least six possibilities wrt stress: 1.
always; 2. only before stressed vowels; 3. only after stressed vowels;
4. always except before stressed vowels; 5. always except after stressed
vowels; 6. something else more complicated.

4. (ditto) What do Brithenig long vowels and diphthongs evolve from?

And two general list-related question:

1. Since the majority of the postings on this list have been concerned
with Brithenig, is the private Brithenig list now effectively part of
this one? I ask because my postings to celticonlang have turned up in
the Sessiwn archives.

2. How many people are there on the list who we haven't heard from yet?
(Don't be shy; speak up!)

Anyway. I must say that I like the look of my name in Brithenig and
(especially) Kernu. (excuse my ignorance... but what is Kernu exactly?)
Much better than the Esp&r@n* Ghefo, my reaction to which is



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