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Re: Hello!

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Geoff Eddy wrote:

> I had less than the 21 pounds it cost :-( Speaking of books, what's the
> book "From Latin to Romance in sound-charts", referred to in your
> Brithenig page, like? I've never seen it.

It's a pretty neat book.  It gives 43 rules for sound changes between
Vulgar Latin and the Big Four Romance languages (It., Sp., Ptg., Fr.) and
gobs of examples, exceptions, exercises, etc.  For example, Rule 14 deals
with the accent patterns of infinitives: the accent shifts from root
syllable to ending in Lat. verbs which accented the root syllable.  Thedn
it gives examples: Lat. 'scribere; Ital. 'svrivere; Span., escrib'ir; Ptg.
escrev'ir; Fr. 'ecrire; Engl. cognate scribe.

It was well worth the few dollars I paid for it at a used book shop.

> There are actually some rather complex problems with this which I'll
> happily indulge myself in if requested... Also, P-Celtic-influenced
> Q-Celtic, or vice versa, could get quite interesting. Excuse my
> ignorance of the Brithenig alternate universe, but what languages are
> spoken in the alternate equivalents of the various parts of Scotland and
> Ireland?

Gaelic.  (And at least in Ireland, some Brithenig, since it was the
Kemrese who ran the place for such a long time.)

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