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Re: The Federated Kingdoms

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, Padraic Brown wrote:

> I read somewhere that in previous centuries Man was Brittish speaking, and
> later conquered by the Irish.  (Perhaps Ray, if he knows better than me,
> could corroborate or squash this rumour?)  If Brithenig and the Cambrian
> State are formed before this (currently mythical) event takes place; then
> would not Man be Brithenig speaking from the start?  I assume that the
> Princes of Cambria wouldn't let such a strategic place go unoccupied --
> regardless of what sort of Celtic is spoken there!  It would make a fine
> staging area for either the Irish or the Scottish and faces about 45% of
> our north-of-the-Severn coastline.  Were I a Cambrian Prince, that would
> make me nervous.  On the other hand, it would make an even dandier staging
> area for _us_ than for the Irish, and on the whole would be a Good Thing.
Man would definitely be debatable territory between Cambrians, Vikings and
Irish, especially in its early history.  While it is probably part of the
Cambrian kingdom since the Chomro used it as a stopping-off point in their
conquest of Ireland.  My own suspicion is that Man/Mon has an interesting
local patois of Brithenig-influenced Manx Gaelic.

- andrew. 

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