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Re: The Federated Kingdoms

On Wed, 15 Apr 1998, John Cowan wrote:

> Andrew Ferreir yscrifef:

> > So what is the correct reference for a *British citizen?
> A good question!  I think that people would more likely to think of themselves
> as English or Scots or Cambriese subjects (of Their Majesties) rather
> than the relatively bloodless "citizen of the Federated Kingdoms of
> Great Britain"/ "ciwis llo rheon ffoederat di'll Grann-Prydain".
> ("Ciwis", an emotionally intense word, has resisted normal sound-changes.)
> The early Comro's proudest boast was "ciwis Rhofann su".)

I think this must be a very important point; and possibly one reason why I
felt a sort of odd twinge when I first read about the FK, and all of that
Unity business.  I know that when asked about the History of their
country, although most Kernow folk may have a certain fondness for their
Celtic ancestry, they will be quite proud of their Roman tradition.  They
would see England especially as a usurper kingdom -- a place to be
tollerated because there is nothing to be done with it, but _not_ Roman
all the same.

It's logical when seen in the light of our historical connections with
Rome and Constantinople; if not in the every day mundane things that are
clearly of Roman provenance.

Andrew:  Another Date for you: 1533, Jowcko regen (Little King Jocko)
splits the formerly united kingdoms of Kernow and Dunnow, thus ending a
thousand or so years of political unity; tin miners riot in Bodwen, as it
will mean higher transport costs to get the stuff across the Border. [Now,
speaking of Dates, which two Dates out of the whole list should be

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