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Kemrese Archives

Greetings and Blessings in this Season of Light and Liberty!

Sorry I've been out of the conversations for awhile.  I've tabled almost
all my other pursuits (including Brithenig) in order to get Latter-Day
Druidry up on the Web.  For my neighbor John Cowan -- really, 6 blocks
away! -- and anyone else who hasn't followed my peregrinations of late, I
am busily constructing a religion.  Let me tell you it's hard, especially
when you're trying to splice New Thought into Celtic Neo-Paganism and then
tape the whole package with Process Theology.  I hope it ships!

Anyway, yes to posting the Kemrese archives.


Will it alter my life altogether?
  O tell me the truth about love.
                  -- W.H. Auden