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Re: Which Easter?

On Sun, 12 Apr 1998, John Schilke wrote:

> On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Padraic Brown wrote:
> > Here's a pertinent and timely question considering the season.
> > 
> > Having just gotten home from the Easter Vigil, It makes me wonder which
> > Easter the Kemrese have: the Western (today) or the Eastern (next week I
> > think)?  If the Cambrian Rite is supposed to be somewhat oriented towards
> > Constantinople, then the later date could be argued; but the fact that the
> > Roman church is rather more at hand, the Cambrian could have changed the
> > date along with Rome or at some later time.  Any comments?
> Yes, from probably the only Orthodox in our group.  First, let me wish 
> all of you a blessed and happy Easter.

mil gracia!

> And yes, our date is next week, the 19th.
> I should think that the Cambrian Rite would have retained the original 
> formula and date, and I mean not to be chauvinistic at all.  The problem 

No offense taken -- I would really have expected the original date.  I
really don't know if the original Celtic date and the Orthodox date
coincide, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it is true.

> in the British [forgive the term!] Isles was that there was no commonly 
> accepted date (through all of Christendom) and the impact of Rome was to 
> settle things in its favor.  There is abundant evidence of connection 

(Just one of the things Rome was quite good at! ;^)

> between [at least] North Africa and the Celtic churches, and the method 
> of dating would have been either entirely local or Byzantine by the time 
> of the Schism.
> The exact history is somewhat involved, but it seems to me that a better 
> argument exists for the Eastern date, given the [?-]historical foundation 
> of the Kemrese.
> Again, the best of wishes.
> John