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Re: A certain town in Kemr...

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, John Cowan wrote:

> pluif-fair llagun-blanc-coryll ent-iust-ill-rhebidd-gurch
> pluif-tysilio cafurn-rhys
> tracking the Welsh version exactly:
> llan-fair pwll-gwyn-gyll go-ger-y-chwyrn-drobwyll
> llan-tysilio gogo-goch
> Note that "tysilio" irregularly resists mutation in both the Welsh
> and the Brithenig versions.  New vocabulary items:
> 	llagun (m.)	pool
> 	coryll (m.)	hazel, from scientific Latin *Corylus*
> 			(of Greek origin?)
> 	iust		near (< iuxta)
> 	gurch (m.)	whirlpool (< gurges)
> 	cafurn (f.)	cave (< caverna)
> Any objections to any of these?
I did have a go at translating this name myself, but I think this version
works just as good.  Newly discovered words and neologisms are always
welcome (I accepted gwleskin, 'half-a-crown'), Llagun and coryll I have no
objections to; OBrithenig had a rule uXa#->oX0 when u is short, so I would
accept iost; another OB rule g->y/r_, so gurges->gury; finally latin
syllabic v remains a semi-vowel in Brithenig so caverna would become
cawern, in NBrithenig cawrn or coern.  I'm willing to allow you to use
your discretion on which version you favour for PluifairLG.  Let me know
so I can post it on the Brithenig page.

- andrew.

Andrew Smith                                  <hobbit@earthlight.co.nz>
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