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Mobile Welsh (was: Mormonides)

At 20:55 27/1/98, Padraic Brown wrote:
>On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Raymond A. Brown wrote:
>> think in the (late) middle ages?  (Must check the date!)  Some maintain
>> that one of native American peoples - the Mandans?? - took a lot of Welsh
>> into their language.  But mightn't there have survived a Celticized
>> American people in an alternative history  ;-)

>all along the West Coast; they landed in Argentina, where to this very
>day, if one knows Welsh, one can get along in a smashing fashion in such
>places as the Camwy Valley & Cwm Hyfryd.

No, no - you're talking about the actual Welsh settlement of Patagonia, now
part of Argentina, in, I think, the early years of the last century
[Another date to check :=(   ]

I was talking about the legendary voyage of the Welsh Prince Madog, son of
Owain Gwynedd, who is supposed to have sailed from Aber-Cerrig-Gwynion near
Rhos-on-Sea, with two ships in 1170 and to have landed in Mobile Bay,
Alabama.  I've checked, and the Indian tribe is the Mandans who became
extinct, I believe, in the mid-19th century.  The Mandans, in fact, were
held to be the descendants of Madog's followers.


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